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Paid Family Leave Now The Law In New York State

Effective January 1, 2018, a new state law requiring employee-funded paid family leave will go into effect in New York State. Full paid leave benefits phase in over four years, as shown below. In 2018, for example, employees are eligible for up to eight weeks of paid leave at 50% of their average weekly wage (AWW), up to 50% of the N.Y. State Average Weekly Wage, (SAWW).

Year Weeks Of Leave Benefit
2018 8 Weeks 50% of employee's AWW, up to 50% of SAWW
2019 10 Weeks 55% of employee's AWW, up to 55% of SAWW
2020 10 Weeks 60% of employee's AWW, up to 60% of SAWW
2021 12 Weeks 67% of employee's AWW, up to 67% of SAWW

While there is a wealth of information available for both employers and employees at, we strongly suggest that you contact both your accountant and insurance broker to ensure full compliance with the law.