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Results of New York-Based ULSHO Study Released

Image2.jpgWorking in conjunction with Petro, the National Oilheat Research Alliance and the Long Island-based Oil Heat Comfort Corp., Fuel Management Services has completed a study on the potential fuel-fouling effects of ultra-low sulfur heating oil used in oil storage tanks across Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Fuel samples were taken from four Petro branches located in Wantagh, Plainview, Hicksville, and Yaphank, and tested for the presence of fungi and bacteria by Mark Stellmach of Fuel Management Services, John Levey of NORA, and Kevin Rooney of OHCC at the NORA Liquid Fuels Research and Development Laboratory in Plainview. 

The results of the study are conclusive: "The moisture, corrosion, fouling and microbes in fuel tank storage systems now are a result of the switch to the new ultra-low sulfur fuels that have different properties and characteristics," according to the report. Recommended solutions include:

  • Routine monitoring of water accumulation in tanks
  • Removing water from tanks and keeping it out
  • Using liquid corrosion inhibitor additives and other corrosion inhibitors including film-forming amines
  • Add biocides to kill, or other fuel treatments to disrupt, existing microbial colonies or prevent future MIC (microbial influenced corrosion)

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